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- power steering

- power steering for easy driving;- an opportunity to raise and lower the steering wheel;- Heated seats (for the winter);A B C (a n t b l o o k and p in o h n and I c and t e m and to r m o r o c);p l e r y and p y e e m o r e a s l o (h a m b s o t o d c and d a s t c and d n e n d a r a n o m e p e T otal to as a p a s t e r w and about t);n o d u to w and b e h o p and a n o s t u.In the low-slung car easier to climb in late pregnancy.Medical contraindications to drivingAbsolutely can not drive a car when pregnant:y g r o s e a s to d and s and w ( a district of in about t e h e n and e b o l and in the train and on t e and t

Slices of bread in the pan fry in vegetable

Method of preparationCheese grate

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with about a o o l y to t in s on th - 200 m l

We tried several

baby bottle for feeding and drinking.We tried several types of bottles(Glass, Avent ...), but the kid did not have time to swallowall that he was pouring a stream in the mouth, he was choking."Blind" nipples (without holes) we have not found, andsay to them comfortably

In coordinating

Now you really need vitamins, especially folic acid, which is found in green parts of the plant and is responsible for the normal development of the brain and nervous system of your child.You should supplement your diet cabbage, carrots, green apples, lettuce, green radish and other vegetables.Kid in the fourth monthIf at the end of the 12th week, he weighed 40-45 g, the 16th becomes a 200-gram.15th week

P e b e n a n y y n w s p o l o g i u and e n o d g s y n and u. And h in e a t n o, h t o in n l o o g e n u and n e w a y e d in about

p e b e n a n y y n w s p o l o g i u and e n o d g s y n and u

Who - then sit with

who - then sit with the child;- baby monitor.That all keep up, you necessary will follow here by that simple rules: cook only simple dishes (cm

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Because of possible changes in the severity of the uterus pulling back pain

. Q: How do I behave

that he went to the pot at the beginning oftraining?A: It should be straightforward instructions.

The toilet is now you're running

C o s t e e n n n o n l o n o s t s w p and s with a b l e s t a s.C o in to r and t e r a n y n x n e n e i s about l to about p and h

"Thank you, darling. Wish

change underwear

W n and n and m - 30; I used

w n and n and m - 30;I used about a liter and s e l e n s e - e of 30;l have to s e l e n s th - 27;to a r t o f E L m o l o d o th - 25;r ead of Sheka s e l e n d s s in th e w and - 25;m and n and n and - 25;to a n y s t a to in a w e n and I - 20;p e d s to a - 20;p e n a - 20;I n d s - 20;with a l and t - 15;y p r o u s - 15;b p y with H and a - 15;in w and n I - 15;l to th oscow - 15;I used about a liter and to p and a n s e - 5-15;r ead of Sheka s e l e n d s to o n s ervice p la n n n s th - 10;b and p and s to about - 10;n e r s and and - 10;

In fact, only 4% of women

In the days immediately preceding the birth, you may notice the following symptoms:to p o n in I and Kutyev in s d e l e n i and n s o l o u t a n y t e d;of t w o x e n e s l and s and t of th p r o b a and (o r t u d e and f), n e c o t o p o f a n a g e and n e in e with a;p and z and w w n e s t u l a;n of a s w n e a n n e r and r and;- The emergence of "nesting instinct" (so called special behavior, mood searching quiet, secluded place).However, these symptoms do not always accurately predict the onset of labor.In fact, only 4% of women deliver exactly the billing period

Do not lean over

For example, contracting muscles in the buttocks, you will avoid the possibility of the appearance of hemorrhoids and feel the abdominal muscles support the spine.If you stand still necessary, try every 10-15 minutes to change the posture

You should see the plank

68 Look Game 7 on page 33 and check yourself

Child to relax, to be praised

Child to relax, to be praisedand soothe it

Daily rate of protein

Daily rate of protein in the first half of pregnancy is 70-90 g, the second - 120-140 g, of which 60% should be animal protein.Below is a list of foods most rich in protein (protein content in grams per 100 grams of product):m o l o to o x to y of th b e h o w and p e n n o e - 37.9;s with p g l o l a n d skil - 26.0;s with p "C o w o n e x skil" - 26.0;s with p h e d d e p - 23.5;s with p "P o with c and d skil" - 23.0;with l and k and with x and y e - 23.0;s with p n l and l e n d s - 22.0;I m about to have p and q s - 21.1;I m about to p o l and a - 21.1;g of p on x - 20.5;s with p r about to F O R - 20.0;

Pray His goodness, for they

To you, Thou mnogomoschnym predstatel and assiduous prayer for us, we resort, sinful and unworthy

Some get any swelling

Fluid intake should be limited to 1-1.5 liters per day, and note that in this volume include not only water and a variety of drink like juices, compotes and jellies, but also soups, and various fruits and vegetables (some downright consist of water, remember the cucumbers and watermelons).For this reason, in the beginning of pregnancy you can drink as you want, and there are salted, smoked, spicy dishes, but in the second half of the term will have to hold back.As for salt, nutritionists say that modern man consumes it in amounts far exceeding the norm, and here you have to think about.Now doctors there are two opinions of what should be the content of salt in food

Work in the kitchen

At work, especially sedentary, every 30-40 minutes arrange 5-7 - minute break - walk

It was so unusual

Approaching the next feeding, but Istill had time to eat the most

She was waiting for me. My mother

how to hold back the tears, but came out of the doctor's office rathercalm, showing no fear of the form, sitting in the hallway,other pregnant women.My mother was sitting on a chair outside the officegynecologist, knowing what headaches I had had the day before.She was waiting for me

R o d a m i. H e o b o x e and m o, h t about

r o d a m i.H e o b o x e and m o, h t about s in about a THEOREM I with h a t o to at g e n u and n s b s o l and s m o w n o s t s o x e s and t

Some (mostly

4th month of pregnancy maternityFinally baby mother filed signal

Usually this

should help the child and if he Pymelts do what is required of him

A person born

n y and n s m a n o b o a o m with n y and n and m s u l d s and m;with h and k and m - m and about Dr

So, faced with the fact

but explain maternal failure.Discovering that the baby wet again, Mom unlikelyto be thrilled, rather, it expressestheir disappointment and despair, and the baby feelis that it no longer is a source of raachievement and happiness.So, faced with the fact that everything mentionedtakes a lot of effort, time, money, and that these siations cause stress and frustration, many mawe do not want to follow the advice of psychologists or cefamily physicians

During maternity leave, the employer

case of multiple pregnancies - eighty fourdays) before the birth and seventy (in the case of complicated deliveries -eighty six, the birth of two or more children -one hundred ten) calendar days after delivery

To motivate

hand power to show the child that he shoulddo, especially if he does not respond to your repfaces.To motivate the kid independentConsequently potty, treated him his ODOclay

You only need

Often occurs during pregnancy prolonged remission, so no special treatment usually is not required

Inept at teaching

Systematic swimming lessons in infants cause positive emotions, improve sleep, enhance cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, promote normal development of infants, stimulating metabolism.Swimming can teach a child with three weeks of age

P on h and to g on in and I'll s - 5.95; with

p on h and to g on in and I'll s - 5.95;with e p e n d g to about I m ??e w - 5.95;n e t r y and w to - 5.9;I s to s in g on x and I y - 5.0;x l e b n w h e n n s y - 4.8;and y and z and p - 4.70;and p and x and - 4.58;w e l y to d and to have p and n s e - 4.15;I m about and n d e d k and - 4,0;x l e b p and n o f th - 3.9;m and n d a l s - 3.80;with e m e n a n d o l o n a h e H and a - 3.65;I m about to p o l and a - 3.3;on l and k and h e r e n s b e h to o s t h e c o - 3.3;THEOREM x and to e d p o s e a - 3.06;

O p r e d e l e n y T h e r o p e a b e n to a; n t o d e r in g d e n y n e m and n and h n x n s o l o w e n d l o n e a and n y n o n s and a p e r e d r o d a m u and m. n. Signs

o p r e d e l e n y T h e r o p e a b e n to a;n t o d e r in g d e n y n e m and n and h n x n s o l o w e n d l o n e a and n y n o n s and a p e r e d r o d a m u and m

If you go to the hospital

Let's start with the items that you need to take for themselves.The most important thing - exchange card, which is issued in the clinic

You can become infected cats, in the use of raw eggs, raw meat

And my mother

in a pot

Choosing a baby

The chassis itself can be equipped with 3 or 4 large wheels, or 8 wheels smaller, can be folded or understand ..

And you have

ki do "wee" in the pot


Method of preparationRadish wash and cut into slices


HSV infection can study blood for antibodies to herpes simplex virus.During the first examination of a pregnant woman take a swab from the vagina in order to identify some sexually transmitted diseases through.Cytomegalovirus belongs to the family of herpes viruses, and they can become infected through airborne droplets, sexual contact, breastfeeding, in the process of childbirth

Skeptical attitude

the toilet, be prepared for the fact that the child will turnto you in the most unexpected momentpissing in your pants when she is far away and can not by himable

If more pink

p r o and r in d of and t e l i m and fo r d e t e d Skobov e r o p o l a, m and by n and h s c a m e s e u n and f to c.Monitoring the baby's skin in diapersIf the skin under diapers does not differ in color from the skin outside, mean temperature regime child happy


completely by changing wet diapers.Advantages of the new method after trainingIt turned out that our method has its own advantagesproperties for both parents and the child and aftergraduation

Our rooms were

kicking the ground, but the idea that the next day tooscared to go home.Frankly about childbirthLife with a clean slateOur pension funds have already settled onan abandoned sanatorium and not in tents,described as our lawyer, and two-story brickcabins

Mastery of motor

Also promotes lactation dousing with cold water.Development of the child first monthsFirst, the infant learns to lift his head, lying on his stomach, later-trying to keep it, even later - rotate independently, and then - sit, crawl, stand and finally walk independently

Help him, and then

still too small for toilet-training.) Teach your toddler to help you dress and separationVat it, paying special attention to the removal and underpulling in panties


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