Some get any swelling

Fluid intake should be limited to 1-1.5 liters per day, and note that in this volume include not only water and a variety of drink like juices, compotes and jellies, but also soups, and various fruits and vegetables (some downright consist of water, remember the cucumbers and watermelons).

For this reason, in the beginning of pregnancy you can drink as you want, and there are salted, smoked, spicy dishes, but in the second half of the term will have to hold back.

As for salt, nutritionists say that modern man consumes it in amounts far exceeding the norm, and here you have to think about.

Now doctors there are two opinions of what should be the content of salt in food. Some get any swelling and recommend significantly reduce the amount of salt until it is almost full exclusion. Others believe it is just for a full water-salt balance completely exclude salt from the diet can not, however, the amount it should be within reasonable limits (almost certainly much smaller than you're used to).

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Work in the kitchen

At work, especially sedentary, every 30-40 minutes arrange 5-7 - minute break - walk. Work in the kitchen for 20 minutes and then relax - lie down or wipe dust, water the flowers, and the like (in motion - salvation).

Do not overload your spine! Avoid hand washing, during which strain the back and anterior abdominal wall, resulting in enhanced pain in the spine and can occur uterine tone (and it provokes abortion).

Now it's time to include in your diet cream, sour cream, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs steam, boiled meat or fish, bread yesterday. Avoid fatty foods, spicy sauces and condiments, sour berries and fruit, brown bread, chocolate, soda and fizzy drinks, tea, coffee. Do not drink soda from heartburn - it is contraindicated for pregnant women.

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It was so unusual

Approaching the next feeding, but I

still had time to eat the most. I was told

where and how to find the dining room. It was so unusual and

stupid that I learned: our office was located on the second

floor dining room in the basement, ie minus the ground floor,

toilet and shower were in the same place. All doors are somehow necessarily

is locked, the key of each door hung on

individual cloves, which must be found in the building,

Frankly about childbirth

Just not in the hospital ...

to get where you want. Madhouse! Without these rules,

Superimposed in pants hundred pounds!

Yet it turned out that he had to have his plate

spoon, mug, as no one warned me of all time

while I was in the hospital. I had to very quickly find

anything from utensils to eat, because in the stomach

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She was waiting for me. My mother

how to hold back the tears, but came out of the doctor's office rather

calm, showing no fear of the form, sitting in the hallway,

other pregnant women.

My mother was sitting on a chair outside the office

gynecologist, knowing what headaches I had had the day before.

She was waiting for me. My mother asked why I lost

view. And when I explained to her that I could go without the baby,

she jumped in a moment from his chair and was in the office of

doctor. A few minutes later my mother came swiftly from her and

went to the office of a senior nurse, she knew

ever since, she worked as a midwife here. Senior

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R o d a m i. H e o b o x e and m o, h t about

r o d a m i.

H e o b o x e and m o, h t about s in about a THEOREM I with h a t o to at g e n u and n s b s o l and s m o w n o s t s o x e s and t. For a while I w d

w e n u and n and d o w n l and s in Skobov d n o p e w s and t, and for about a e n l o w o n e th e p r i n t and s in about a THEOREM I r o d o v.

In about in THEOREM I r o d o in COROLLARY y e r and s b e d a n t s p and m e n e n i W o l e t y o u l i w and x and a n e s t h e r y and w and x u

p r e p a r a t o in b e h with about a ton of e t t y u in u and x m e d and n and n with k and h n o and s to a n d.

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Some (mostly

4th month of pregnancy maternity

Finally baby mother filed signal. Remember the exact date of the first movement.

Some (mostly those who give birth for the first time) can not be the first to recognize the movement of the baby, which sometimes resemble the passage of gas in the intestines because they feel at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. A mother with experience record these signals for another 16-18 weeks. Too much evidence of the child's behavior hypoxia - oxygen starvation. It says that you rarely go outdoors or have developed anemia.

Doctors need to remember the exact date of the first movement: but the last month, this indicator helps to more accurately calculate the delivery date.

By this time, increase the size of your heart, as he has to cope with a large volume of blood, providing the fetus with oxygen.

It's time to sound the dentist because you may bleed gums. At this time, the septum in the nasal passages become swollen and a bit may appear stuffy nose.

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