In fact, only 4% of women

In the days immediately preceding the birth, you may notice the following symptoms:

to p o n in I and Kutyev in s d e l e n i and n s o l o u t a n y t e d;

of t w o x e n e s l and s and t of th p r o b a and (o r t u d e and f), n e c o t o p o f a n a g e and n e in e with a;

p and z and w w n e s t u l a;

n of a s w n e a n n e r and r and;

- The emergence of "nesting instinct" (so called special behavior, mood searching quiet, secluded place).

However, these symptoms do not always accurately predict the onset of labor.

In fact, only 4% of women deliver exactly the billing period. The rest give birth within 1-2 weeks before or after the calculated date. In most cases, this is normal.

10th month of pregnancy maternity

Last month of pregnancy the most crucial. The kid already knows how all that is necessary to breathe, swallow, suck. He is almost ready to leave. He was already crowded in the uterus - kolenochki pressed to his chin. Читать полностью -->

Do not lean over

For example, contracting muscles in the buttocks, you will avoid the possibility of the appearance of hemorrhoids and feel the abdominal muscles support the spine.

If you stand still necessary, try every 10-15 minutes to change the posture. potopchites or Walk in place, shifting from foot to foot. You can alternately put first one leg and then the other on the low rack.

From time to time retract the shoulders, flex, raise your hands. Then turning his head over his right shoulder, then over his left shoulder, try to cast themselves look. If the eye does not cover the part of the body, continue to examine yourself mentally. Lifting her chin, imagine yourself looking into the treetops.

When you wash the dishes or iron clothes, put alternately one or the other foot on a low stool. Читать полностью -->

You should see the plank

68 Look Game 7 on page 33 and check yourself. How many words do you recall? Penalties 2 penalty points for each extra word, which was not in the job. Less 5 words - 5 points 10-13 words - 15 points 5-9 words - 10 points All words but confused order - 20 points All words correctly OK - 25 points My Points for the 17th game

69 Game 18 Game 18 In this game does not need to memorize anything. You're going to move chip on the board, BUT! Painted board games as 14 and 15, will be gone. You should see the plank in your imagination and imagine how it moves on the chip. The chip is in its usual place - in the upper left corner. Читать полностью -->

Child to relax, to be praised

Child to relax, to be praised

and soothe it. If he turns on the potty, praise

those it at the moment when it all calms down:

"Good! Billy sits quietly "soft motion

tions hands relax tense body parts re

child. When a child learns to calm down, to

gradually stop touching him hands

and less praise him. As little as possible, remind

child that it is important for you, briefly vykat

shows approval for what he is sitting on the pot

quietly ("Billy sits quietly, just like his dad.")

If the baby is very nervous, ask him to AFS

koitsya, praise for what he relaxed and times

decide to get after it at least a few

seconds sat on the pot.

Must immediately determine whether the child pee

To pay special attention to mo

cheispuskanie in the pot, the child should be praised, when

he just peed in it. You can not do it

. . Читать полностью -->

Daily rate of protein

Daily rate of protein in the first half of pregnancy is 70-90 g, the second - 120-140 g, of which 60% should be animal protein.

Below is a list of foods most rich in protein (protein content in grams per 100 grams of product):

m o l o to o x to y of th b e h o w and p e n n o e - 37.9;

s with p g l o l a n d skil - 26.0;

s with p "C o w o n e x skil" - 26.0;

s with p h e d d e p - 23.5;

s with p "P o with c and d skil" - 23.0;

with l and k and with x and y e - 23.0;

s with p n l and l e n d s - 22.0;

I m about to have p and q s - 21.1;

I m about to p o l and a - 21.1;

g of p on x - 20.5;

s with p r about to F O R - 20.0;

. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pray His goodness, for they

To you, Thou mnogomoschnym predstatel and assiduous prayer for us, we resort, sinful and unworthy. Pray His goodness, for they may turn away from us his anger at our business driven righteousness upon us, and let our numberless sins despised, contact us on the path of repentance and the paths of His commandments stablish us. 1 akzhe your prayers in the world to save our lives, and in all good good to ask all rushed to the stomach and piety Required Granting us from God, from all evils and misfortunes and death vnezapnyya predstatelstvom your izbavlyayusche us and the enemy of all visible and invisible protecting, Thou may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty, and tacos in the world these things temporal life preshedshe to achieve eternal peace idezhe your holy umoleniem vouchsafe the heavenly kingdom of Christ our God, Emuzhe with the Father and the Blessed Spirit are due all glory, honor and worship forever. Amen.

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