Who - then sit with

who - then sit with the child;

- baby monitor.

That all keep up, you necessary will follow here by that simple rules:

cook only simple dishes (cm. chapter "Several recipes

delicious and simple in cooking dishes ");

cook together with child (he in lounger, car seat, "walk" and t. g.)

optimize sleep (cm. chapter "How to optimize sleep ");

walk preferably when child awake, asleep

let home, on the balcony;

walk on Shopping together with child (stroller, sling);

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The mere knowledge

Because of possible changes in the severity of the uterus pulling back pain. To avoid unpleasant feelings, wearing a bandage that supports increased stomach.

Helpers in childbirth

Overseas presence of family members in the delivery room is found everywhere. Husband is close to giving birth in the prenatal ward that gives women a tangible moral support. The mere knowledge that the next native people, has a very beneficial, not to mention when monolingual husbands really help to cope with

pain, breathing guiding women during the fight. Some spouses are present at the stage of expulsion, under the guidance of doctors and midwives perform massage, laid warmers or ice packs, take the nascent child in his arms, ligated and cut the umbilical cord. By the way, the umbilical cord contains no pain nerve endings, so that neither the child nor a woman in labor do not feel any pain during her cutting. Читать полностью -->

. Q: How do I behave

that he went to the pot at the beginning of


A: It should be straightforward instructions.

. Q: If a child goes to pot, direct hearing

mye instructions that I use

next time?

A: The general question, such as whether he wants to pi


. Q: If a kid goes to pot when I demand

force him if he wants to write, what we recall

nanie me to use next time?

A: Just remind him what exists


. Q: What do I do if my child is worried

or looks like he wants to write?

A: Remind him to go to the potty.

. Q: How do I behave when baby sitting

on the potty for the first time?

A: Praise and encourage it.

. Q: What to do if your child collects

Xia get off the pot?

A: In order to keep it, use

their hands and instructions.

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The toilet is now you're running

C o s t e e n n n o n l o n o s t s w p and s with a b l e s t a s.

C o in to r and t e r a n y n x n e n e i s about l to about p and h.

/ / - D e t a i s th e m a i ts - / /


If you've been thinking about the upcoming birth with anxiety, but now - with this fear. You think about a child - what it would be. About the near future. You often want to relax and soak. You are very tired. Читать полностью -->

"Thank you, darling. Wish

change underwear. " - "Honey, are you all so much today

made of! "- Martin said, patting her hand.

"Thank you, darling. Wish I did not know about this IU

Todd six years ago, when she tried to teach Ronnie.

All day long thought - it would then be very useful ... "




Before you start learning to read

frequently asked questions and try them

reply. If while you are having difficulty,

re-read this book again. Читать полностью -->

W n and n and m - 30; I used

w n and n and m - 30;

I used about a liter and s e l e n s e - e of 30;

l have to s e l e n s th - 27;

to a r t o f E L m o l o d o th - 25;

r ead of Sheka s e l e n d s s in th e w and - 25;

m and n and n and - 25;

to a n y s t a to in a w e n and I - 20;

p e d s to a - 20;

p e n a - 20;

I n d s - 20;

with a l and t - 15;

y p r o u s - 15;

b p y with H and a - 15;

in w and n I - 15;

l to th oscow - 15;

I used about a liter and to p and a n s e - 5-15;

r ead of Sheka s e l e n d s to o n s ervice p la n n n s th - 10;

b and p and s to about - 10;

n e r s and and - 10;

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