Help him, and then

still too small for toilet-training.

) Teach your toddler to help you dress and separation

Vat it, paying special attention to the removal and under

pulling in panties. If he can not fully

independently put on some object

clothes, help him. For example, putting on pants,

child probably will not be able to stick his foot in shta

Nina. Help him, and then ask to pull


) Allow your child to look like go to the toilet

his brothers and sisters, other family members and yourself.

At the same time describe their actions, "Look, I'm going

the toilet. See, now I take my pants. " Ask

those child help you drain the water in the toilet bowl.

) Teach the child words that will

used in the learning process ("pot", "labor

shiki "," wet "," dry "," sit "," Arise "," pour "

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  • The toilet is now you're running
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