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Application affermatsy

With a positive pregnancy and coordinated work of the "mother-child" births are smoothly. Such a traumatic birth will not leave the print on a subconscious level. A person born smoothly and easily, has a background as easy to go through life. Читать полностью -->

So, faced with the fact

but explain maternal failure.

Discovering that the baby wet again, Mom unlikely

to be thrilled, rather, it expresses

their disappointment and despair, and the baby feel

is that it no longer is a source of ra

achievement and happiness.

So, faced with the fact that everything mentioned

takes a lot of effort, time, money, and that these si

ations cause stress and frustration, many ma

we do not want to follow the advice of psychologists or ce

family physicians. They decide they will no longer

spend time at infinity change diapers

and try to educate the child potty.

What happens if I still try?

Traditional methods

Usually the mother thrown their children to the mountains

shock at a certain time, usually when they pee.

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During maternity leave, the employer

case of multiple pregnancies - eighty four

days) before the birth and seventy (in the case of complicated deliveries -

eighty six, the birth of two or more children -

one hundred ten) calendar days after delivery. Thus for

this period pay social

insurance in the amount of full salary. Calculated

amount of provisions on maternity leave, on the basis of

average earnings in the last twelve months.

Does not pay the employer, and the state

organization - the Social Insurance Fund. During

maternity leave, the employer has no right to you

fire, except in the case of liquidation.

Birth certificate is issued ed in the antenatal clinic at

residence at term pregnancy thirty

weeks (in the case of multiple pregnancy - weeks) and

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To motivate

hand power to show the child that he should

do, especially if he does not respond to your rep


To motivate the kid independent

Consequently potty, treated him his ODO

clay. To enhance the effect, you can use

praise, hugs, reward, especially when the child

pees in a pot and get rid of their own

its contents.

To inculcate a child the importance of cleanliness, give

those it clear that it will still praise and meaningful

for him the people who are around. Constantly Napo

Mina kid that every perfect right

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You only need

Often occurs during pregnancy prolonged remission, so no special treatment usually is not required. You only need to strictly follow the diet and possibly reduced to

minimize stressful situations that may provoke an aggravation of the disease. Also possible deterioration if a woman develops preeclampsia early.

Food gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

In gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, the following rules:

- to completely eliminate foods that cause increased secretion of gastric juice;

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n p and n and m and m s n and u y n e b o l s h m and n on p tio n and m h e r e s to d and w e s h and 3-4 with a,

n of a corollary n and d p r e and m d o w l e n b s t s p e r c e a n o m (l y w h e e s l and e of t b y d e t with m and n to a

m o l o to a);

and w h k l and m s with l and m to about m g of p h y I w (n and r e t u p th e w s in 55 ° C) and with l and m to about m

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