- power steering

- power steering for easy driving;

- an opportunity to raise and lower the steering wheel;

- Heated seats (for the winter);

A B C (a n t b l o o k and p in o h n and I c and t e m and to r m o r o c);

p l e r y and p y e e m o r e a s l o (h a m b s o t o d c and d a s t c and d n e n d a r a n o m e p e T otal to as a

p a s t e r w and about t);

n o d u to w and b e h o p and a n o s t u.

In the low-slung car easier to climb in late pregnancy.

Medical contraindications to driving

Absolutely can not drive a car when pregnant:

y g r o s e a s to d and s and w ( a district of in about t e h e n and e b o l and in the train and on t e and t . d.)

p r o s s i n y x a m and k to about z and in n and h and l e b e r e m e n n o s t u (t w o n o t a, b m o p h o n e s

s about with tons of I n and I, with R W o s t s);

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Slices of bread in the pan fry in vegetable

Method of preparation

Cheese grate. Wash the tomatoes, remove the stalk and cut into slices.

Slices of bread in the pan fry in vegetable oil.

Prepared to put on toast with tomato slices and grated cheese. Cover with a small piece of butter.

Sandwiches put on a baking sheet and bake in a moderately heated oven until golden brown. Spicy croutons


3-4 slices of rye bread, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 50 g butter, salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Garlic peel, grate, add salt and mix with butter. Sliced ??bread, fried in vegetable oil, grease mixture of butter and garlic and serve.

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With about a o o l y to t in s on th - 200 m l. About

with about a o o l y to t in s on th - 200 m l.

About b e d:

x and y and s with y ou to a - 250 m l;

g of I d in g th of t in n and p and I - 200 g;

and to w and g of p on x and I'm about to - 150 g;

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;

m o l o to o with r y o f n o n e - 50 g;

h and d with l and m o n o m - 200 m l.

C o l d n and to:

n e h e n s e with to y n y t w o m - 1 w t.;

th o d y p m - 200 m l;

and y and z and p - 5 w t.

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We tried several

baby bottle for feeding and drinking.

We tried several types of bottles

(Glass, Avent ...), but the kid did not have time to swallow

all that he was pouring a stream in the mouth, he was choking.

"Blind" nipples (without holes) we have not found, and

say to them comfortably. You take a very thin

needle glows it on the fire and rapid hand movement

doing a puncture in the nipple. However, after some time

hole gets bigger and it also starts from

Frankly about childbirth

Caring for your baby

pour liquid quickly, so if you

to better prepare several "blind"

nipple for your bottles.

Highly rated on the Internet belongs to the bottle

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In coordinating

Now you really need vitamins, especially folic acid, which is found in green parts of the plant and is responsible for the normal development of the brain and nervous system of your child.

You should supplement your diet cabbage, carrots, green apples, lettuce, green radish and other vegetables.

Kid in the fourth month

If at the end of the 12th week, he weighed 40-45 g, the 16th becomes a 200-gram.

15th week. In coordinating the work of the whole organism included kidney. Improved endocrine glands - especially the adrenal glands.

16 weeks. At the head of the baby appeared sympathetic fluff. Formed nails. Baby can already wiggle and legs, and handles.

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