- power steering

- power steering for easy driving;

- an opportunity to raise and lower the steering wheel;

- Heated seats (for the winter);

A B C (a n t b l o o k and p in o h n and I c and t e m and to r m o r o c);

p l e r y and p y e e m o r e a s l o (h a m b s o t o d c and d a s t c and d n e n d a r a n o m e p e T otal to as a

p a s t e r w and about t);

n o d u to w and b e h o p and a n o s t u.

In the low-slung car easier to climb in late pregnancy.

Medical contraindications to driving

Absolutely can not drive a car when pregnant:

y g r o s e a s to d and s and w ( a district of in about t e h e n and e b o l and in the train and on t e and t . d.)

p r o s s i n y x a m and k to about z and in n and h and l e b e r e m e n n o s t u (t w o n o t a, b m o p h o n e s

s about with tons of I n and I, with R W o s t s);


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