In coordinating

Now you really need vitamins, especially folic acid, which is found in green parts of the plant and is responsible for the normal development of the brain and nervous system of your child.

You should supplement your diet cabbage, carrots, green apples, lettuce, green radish and other vegetables.

Kid in the fourth month

If at the end of the 12th week, he weighed 40-45 g, the 16th becomes a 200-gram.

15th week. In coordinating the work of the whole organism included kidney. Improved endocrine glands - especially the adrenal glands.

16 weeks. At the head of the baby appeared sympathetic fluff. Formed nails. Baby can already wiggle and legs, and handles.

Endocrine and central nervous system direct all functions of a small body. Continues to grow, evolve and become more complex brain.

Week 17. Child opens his eyes, squinting. His movements cease to be erratic. Now they are becoming more and more a response to its internal state, the relationship with the mother.


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