The mere knowledge

Because of possible changes in the severity of the uterus pulling back pain. To avoid unpleasant feelings, wearing a bandage that supports increased stomach.

Helpers in childbirth

Overseas presence of family members in the delivery room is found everywhere. Husband is close to giving birth in the prenatal ward that gives women a tangible moral support. The mere knowledge that the next native people, has a very beneficial, not to mention when monolingual husbands really help to cope with

pain, breathing guiding women during the fight. Some spouses are present at the stage of expulsion, under the guidance of doctors and midwives perform massage, laid warmers or ice packs, take the nascent child in his arms, ligated and cut the umbilical cord. By the way, the umbilical cord contains no pain nerve endings, so that neither the child nor a woman in labor do not feel any pain during her cutting. Abroad scope of participation in labor husband determined by the desire and willingness.


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