. Q: How do I behave

that he went to the pot at the beginning of


A: It should be straightforward instructions.

. Q: If a child goes to pot, direct hearing

mye instructions that I use

next time?

A: The general question, such as whether he wants to pi


. Q: If a kid goes to pot when I demand

force him if he wants to write, what we recall

nanie me to use next time?

A: Just remind him what exists


. Q: What do I do if my child is worried

or looks like he wants to write?

A: Remind him to go to the potty.

. Q: How do I behave when baby sitting

on the potty for the first time?

A: Praise and encourage it.

. Q: What to do if your child collects

Xia get off the pot?

A: In order to keep it, use

their hands and instructions.

. Q: What if the kid turns sitting on


A: Ask him to relax, praise,

even if he fulfilled your request only


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