The toilet is now you're running

C o s t e e n n n o n l o n o s t s w p and s with a b l e s t a s.

C o in to r and t e r a n y n x n e n e i s about l to about p and h.

/ / - D e t a i s th e m a i ts - / /


If you've been thinking about the upcoming birth with anxiety, but now - with this fear. You think about a child - what it would be. About the near future. You often want to relax and soak. You are very tired. Insomnia continues.

Colostrum is sometimes released from the breast and without pressure.

The toilet is now you're running even twice per night.

The usual symptoms ... Okay, I will not continue.

Uterine cramps become stronger and more; but subsided a little kid - it greatly increased, and he was already crowded.


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