In fact, only 4% of women

In the days immediately preceding the birth, you may notice the following symptoms:

to p o n in I and Kutyev in s d e l e n i and n s o l o u t a n y t e d;

of t w o x e n e s l and s and t of th p r o b a and (o r t u d e and f), n e c o t o p o f a n a g e and n e in e with a;

p and z and w w n e s t u l a;

n of a s w n e a n n e r and r and;

- The emergence of "nesting instinct" (so called special behavior, mood searching quiet, secluded place).

However, these symptoms do not always accurately predict the onset of labor.

In fact, only 4% of women deliver exactly the billing period. The rest give birth within 1-2 weeks before or after the calculated date. In most cases, this is normal.

10th month of pregnancy maternity

Last month of pregnancy the most crucial. The kid already knows how all that is necessary to breathe, swallow, suck. He is almost ready to leave. He was already crowded in the uterus - kolenochki pressed to his chin. Therefore, in the last two weeks before birth the fetus moves a little. The average weight of a boy - 3600 g, girls - 3500 g (3000 g but is considered normal). Growth child may range from 50 to 54 cm


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