Do not lean over

For example, contracting muscles in the buttocks, you will avoid the possibility of the appearance of hemorrhoids and feel the abdominal muscles support the spine.

If you stand still necessary, try every 10-15 minutes to change the posture. potopchites or Walk in place, shifting from foot to foot. You can alternately put first one leg and then the other on the low rack.

From time to time retract the shoulders, flex, raise your hands. Then turning his head over his right shoulder, then over his left shoulder, try to cast themselves look. If the eye does not cover the part of the body, continue to examine yourself mentally. Lifting her chin, imagine yourself looking into the treetops.

When you wash the dishes or iron clothes, put alternately one or the other foot on a low stool. Do not lean over the working surface. Take care of yourself.

If you need to pick something up off the floor, bend your knees first, spreading them apart and squatting, take thing. Then slowly start to get up, trying not to bend your back. As you stand up, slowly unbend your knees, not making any sudden movements.


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