You should see the plank

68 Look Game 7 on page 33 and check yourself. How many words do you recall? Penalties 2 penalty points for each extra word, which was not in the job. Less 5 words - 5 points 10-13 words - 15 points 5-9 words - 10 points All words but confused order - 20 points All words correctly OK - 25 points My Points for the 17th game

69 Game 18 Game 18 In this game does not need to memorize anything. You're going to move chip on the board, BUT! Painted board games as 14 and 15, will be gone. You should see the plank in your imagination and imagine how it moves on the chip. The chip is in its usual place - in the upper left corner. So moves: 1 to the right 2 down 1 left 1 up 2 Right 1 up 2 down Remember where stopped chip and turn the page.

70 Where is she? Draw. Pr Overeem himself. To do this, look at the previous page and Draw strokes. A correct answer is given 15 points. Play this game several times. Let someone dictate to you moves. When you learn to move easily chip an imaginary board can be move on to the next game. My Points 18 th game


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