Child to relax, to be praised

Child to relax, to be praised

and soothe it. If he turns on the potty, praise

those it at the moment when it all calms down:

"Good! Billy sits quietly "soft motion

tions hands relax tense body parts re

child. When a child learns to calm down, to

gradually stop touching him hands

and less praise him. As little as possible, remind

child that it is important for you, briefly vykat

shows approval for what he is sitting on the pot

quietly ("Billy sits quietly, just like his dad.")

If the baby is very nervous, ask him to AFS

koitsya, praise for what he relaxed and times

decide to get after it at least a few

seconds sat on the pot.

Must immediately determine whether the child pee

To pay special attention to mo

cheispuskanie in the pot, the child should be praised, when

he just peed in it. You can not do it


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