Some get any swelling

Fluid intake should be limited to 1-1.5 liters per day, and note that in this volume include not only water and a variety of drink like juices, compotes and jellies, but also soups, and various fruits and vegetables (some downright consist of water, remember the cucumbers and watermelons).

For this reason, in the beginning of pregnancy you can drink as you want, and there are salted, smoked, spicy dishes, but in the second half of the term will have to hold back.

As for salt, nutritionists say that modern man consumes it in amounts far exceeding the norm, and here you have to think about.

Now doctors there are two opinions of what should be the content of salt in food. Some get any swelling and recommend significantly reduce the amount of salt until it is almost full exclusion. Others believe it is just for a full water-salt balance completely exclude salt from the diet can not, however, the amount it should be within reasonable limits (almost certainly much smaller than you're used to).


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