Work in the kitchen

At work, especially sedentary, every 30-40 minutes arrange 5-7 - minute break - walk. Work in the kitchen for 20 minutes and then relax - lie down or wipe dust, water the flowers, and the like (in motion - salvation).

Do not overload your spine! Avoid hand washing, during which strain the back and anterior abdominal wall, resulting in enhanced pain in the spine and can occur uterine tone (and it provokes abortion).

Now it's time to include in your diet cream, sour cream, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs steam, boiled meat or fish, bread yesterday. Avoid fatty foods, spicy sauces and condiments, sour berries and fruit, brown bread, chocolate, soda and fizzy drinks, tea, coffee. Do not drink soda from heartburn - it is contraindicated for pregnant women.


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