It was so unusual

Approaching the next feeding, but I

still had time to eat the most. I was told

where and how to find the dining room. It was so unusual and

stupid that I learned: our office was located on the second

floor dining room in the basement, ie minus the ground floor,

toilet and shower were in the same place. All doors are somehow necessarily

is locked, the key of each door hung on

individual cloves, which must be found in the building,

Frankly about childbirth

Just not in the hospital ...

to get where you want. Madhouse! Without these rules,

Superimposed in pants hundred pounds!

Yet it turned out that he had to have his plate

spoon, mug, as no one warned me of all time

while I was in the hospital. I had to very quickly find

anything from utensils to eat, because in the stomach


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