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4th month of pregnancy maternity

Finally baby mother filed signal. Remember the exact date of the first movement.

Some (mostly those who give birth for the first time) can not be the first to recognize the movement of the baby, which sometimes resemble the passage of gas in the intestines because they feel at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. A mother with experience record these signals for another 16-18 weeks. Too much evidence of the child's behavior hypoxia - oxygen starvation. It says that you rarely go outdoors or have developed anemia.

Doctors need to remember the exact date of the first movement: but the last month, this indicator helps to more accurately calculate the delivery date.

By this time, increase the size of your heart, as he has to cope with a large volume of blood, providing the fetus with oxygen.

It's time to sound the dentist because you may bleed gums. At this time, the septum in the nasal passages become swollen and a bit may appear stuffy nose.


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