Inept at teaching

Systematic swimming lessons in infants cause positive emotions, improve sleep, enhance cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, promote normal development of infants, stimulating metabolism.

Swimming can teach a child with three weeks of age. By three months of birth swimming reflexes fade, and with a child is much more difficult to conduct classes. Swimming can be taught in a special

pool or in the bath house. Need to stay in the water does not cause the baby any discomfort. It is necessary that the temperature of the bath was for the first classes 5-6 37,5-37 °, then gradually decreases and it is possible to engage 20-25 bring to 34 °. Duration of the first lessons 5-10 minutes later - 25-30 minutes.

Inept at teaching children at an early age may be violated correct location of, and you may have abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system.

Navigation procedures shall terminate if: a child in water overexcited, he expressed vegetative reactions appear in the form of a goose skin, marbling of the skin, bluish skin color, there is a brief episode of respiratory failure.


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