If you go to the hospital

Let's start with the items that you need to take for themselves.

The most important thing - exchange card, which is issued in the clinic. It contains information about all the analyzes that you have done, including a certificate stating that you are not sick any infectious diseases.

If you go to the hospital without it, you have to give birth in the quarantine (observational) office where get any "passport-free" are not tested for infectious diseases and other mothers, including those picked up on the street personages of no fixed abode.

At the last stage of pregnancy, since your doctor will give you prenatal card exchange, always carry it with you, even if out of the house just for a minute. Do not want to scare you, but everything is possible.

For this reason it is best that the documents were always with you.

Advance collect my bag. Okay, so she was ready within a couple of weeks before the due date.


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