You can become infected cats, in the use of raw eggs, raw meat. Danger to the child is both acute and chronic disease in the mother. In the presence of chronic disease treatment necessarily before pregnancy (although the mother may not even suspect that the sick).

Toxoplasmosis can cause repeated miscarriages and birth defects, are often not compatible with life. When infected in the later stages of pregnancy, the disease develops after birth meningoencephalitis, severe hepatitis, the defeat of the cardiovascular system, and sepsis.

Progressive disease in the mother is an indication to terminate a pregnancy. / / - Herpes - / /

Most people to adulthood already pretty familiar with herpes. This virus is omnipresent and resides in each of us quietly, only occasionally getting out of the underground in the form of "Fever" on his lips. This usually occurs when the body is fighting another disease - and he has no time to be distracted by all sorts of stuff. This virus doctors


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