And my mother

in a pot. You'll do "wee" in the pot? "(Ki

shows that means "yes"), "You'll do" wee "in his underpants

ki? "(he shakes his head, that means" no ")," Where are you

you do "wee-wee"? Show me "(kid shows

Vaeth per pot), "You get a cracker, if you do

"Pee-pee" in the potty? "(Nods)," You will receive credit

ker, if you make a "wee" in the pants? "(shakes th

lovoy - "no"), "Pope makes" pee-pee "in her panties?"

("No"), "Big boys piss in pants?"

("No"), "You're going to go to the potty himself?" ("Yes");

"Dad goes to pot itself. And my mother goes to bitter

check yourself? "(" yes ").

Such training should be carried out every

causing problems learning stage. Eg


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