Choosing a baby

The chassis itself can be equipped with 3 or 4 large wheels, or 8 wheels smaller, can be folded or understand ... here you need to be guided only by your own habits and way of life. It is worth to see to it that the wheels are securely protected the crew from jolts and vibrations on rough road.

should pay attention to the size of the trunk in a wheelchair, her mother did not have to carry bags from the store or from the market in the hands.

Choosing a baby name

Choosing a name, consider all possible options. Will sound like it is in conjunction with the middle name, last name? Have lungs and sonorous pronunciation variants name? Finally, the most easily if the baby will pronounce it, because he would have to do it often! So if you want your child to be flexible, free in different situations and with different people easily choose a varying name. If the


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