Mastery of motor

Also promotes lactation dousing with cold water.

Development of the child first months

First, the infant learns to lift his head, lying on his stomach, later-trying to keep it, even later - rotate independently, and then - sit, crawl, stand and finally walk independently. Mastery of motor skills should match the growth and formation of social behavior and the child's intelligence. It is therefore particularly important

Encourage your child to play, offer him more and more incentives for training, support its activity.

In three months child can lift her head and shoulders, lying on his stomach. strengthened his muscles. A little later, he can turn his head and look around. In four months the child turns confidently holds his head and soon begins to rise and also the upper torso. Around the sixth month of his life, he appears the ability to move forward, he crawls on his belly and rolls from side to side. Even if the baby is a little behind in the development of these skills, it is not a reason for concern. The very notion of the norm in this period is quite concerning.


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